Sweetness in bloom



The sweetness in seeing a flower blooming the glow the scent and the vitality is a true sign of health and well being of that flower. This is my analogy to good skin care. The skin is the largest organ on the body which protect the body from microbes and elements, regulate body temperature and permit sensation of touch. The skin has to be nourished and cared for through healthy life style choices. When the skin is cared for the skin blossom and glow it delay aging and prevent skin problems.

Skin care tips

Eat a healthy diet. Eat plenty fruit and vegetables diet rich in fish or fish oil supplements. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Protect the skin from the sun cover up are seek the shade. Use broad_spectrum sun screener at least 15spf

Treat your skin gentle. Daily cleaning and shaving should be done with gentle soaps and soft shaving gel. Limit time in hot water. Use warm water when cleaning the skin. Moisturize your skin daily. Use moisturizer that fit your skin type.

Avoid smoking. Smoking make the skin look older and contribute to wrinkles.

Manage stress. Stress contributes to acne breakouts. A healthy state of mind encourage healthy skin. Get enough sleep make time to doing things you enjoy.


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